Benefits Plans - Prescription Drug Plan: University of Michigan Preferred Drug List

Page last updated: Wednesday, 29-Jul-2015 15:02:06 EDT

To maximize your prescription drug benefit, the Prescription Drug Plan uses a Preferred Drug List ( PDL) of cost-effective drugs. Physicians are encouraged to prescribe from this list when it is appropriate for your condition.

The Preferred Drug List is a guide to medications within select therapeutic categories for prescription drug plan participants. It is not a formulary and purposely omits many categories. Within the categories represented, this drug list will help the physician and plan participants identify products for therapeutic purposes. Use of the list is voluntary.

The university’s Preferred Drug List includes select brand-name drugs and generic drugs. It is periodically updated by a team of university physicians and pharmacists who review all FDA-approved drugs. Preferred brand-name drugs are selected on the basis of therapeutic effectiveness, safety, and cost relative to other FDA-approved drugs used to treat the same conditions.

Physicians are encouraged, but not required, to prescribe from the PDL when appropriate for the patient’s condition. Approximately 85-90% of all drugs prescribed are dispensed as preferred drugs.

Coverage and copays for a drug on this list is determined by your plan’s benefits. See Cost and Copays and Coverage for details.

University of Michigan Preferred Drug List, July 2015 (PDF)

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