Benefits enrollment: 457(b) enrollment information

Enrolling, Canceling, Increasing or Decreasing Your Salary Deferral Amount

Use Self Service > Benefits on Wolverine Access to enroll in the 457(b) as well as cancel, increase, or reduce your existing salary deferral contribution.  All changes are effective no earlier than the month following the date you submit and finalize your elections.  Please note that you may make only one election using Self Service > Benefits per month.

For step-by-step enrollment instructions, see 457(b) How to Enroll or Make a Change.

You will receive a follow-up confirmation of your enrollment by email after you have finalized and submitted your elections.  If you do not receive the confirmation email, you have not completed the process.

Effective Date

Per IRS regulations, any elections to change your deferral amount in the 457(b) plan is effective no earlier than the month following the date your elections are filed with the Benefits Office.

Please note that this is different from the Basic Retirement Plan and SRA, which can be effective in the same month that you submit your enrollment or election to change your contribution amount.