estimated retirement eligibility date

Follow these steps to view your estimated retirement eligibility date:

  1. Go to Wolverine Access at
  2. Select Faculty & Staff
  3. Select Employee Self-Service
  4. Enter your uniqname and UMICH password
  5. Select Benefits
  6. Select Est. Retirement Eligibility Dt

You’ll see the earliest month and year during which you’ll be eligible to retire from the university with health benefits. If your earliest date of eligibility is sooner than 2021, when the gradual changes will be completely implemented, you’ll see several years listed and what the university contribution will be for you and any dependents based on which year you choose to retire.

Accrual of service to retire with benefits (health plan, prescription drug, and dental coverage, and life insurance) requires that you have been continuously employed as a regular or supplemental faculty or staff member with a 50% or greater appointment without interruption or a break in service. Certain circumstances dictate when an estimated retirement eligibility date can and cannot be calculated for you:

Important Added Considerations

Information is Estimated

There are many types of university appointments and some employees change over time between benefits-eligible and non-eligible appointments or have breaks in service, which will affect the actual date of eligibility for retirement and may require manual review of your employment history by a retirement specialist in the Benefits Office.

Accrual Rate for Part-Time Employees

Starting in 2013, part-time benefits-eligible employees (appointments of 50% - 79.9%) will accrue 0.8 years of credit toward retirement eligibility per year worked. This does not affect credits accrued before 2013. Employees with appointments of 80% or greater will receive the same credit toward retirement as full-time employees.

Years-of-Service Requirement

Faculty and staff retiring on or after Jan. 1, 2021 will receive the university contribution toward retiree health benefits on a sliding scale based on years of service. Fifty percent of the full university contribution will be provided for those who retire with the minimum requirement of 10 years of service, and the contribution will increase (10% for every additional two years of service) to 100% of the university contribution for those who retire with 20 or more years of service. See chart

Retiring Before Age 62

Those who choose to retire from the U-M before age 62, and have a service date on or after July 1, 1988 will not receive the university contribution toward their health care premium until they reach age 62. Those with a service date before July 1, 1988 will receive the university contribution upon retirement regardless of their age at retirement. This rule is currently in place and will remain in effect.

Planning For Retirement

More general information about retiring from U-M can be found at:

The University in its sole discretion may modify, amend, or terminate the benefits provided with respect to any individual receiving benefits, including active employees, retirees, and their spouses, partners, and dependents. Although the University has elected to provide these benefits this year, no individual has a vested right to any of the benefits provided. Nothing in these materials gives any individual the right to continued benefits beyond the time the University modifies, amends, or terminates the benefit. Anyone seeking or accepting any of the benefits provided will be deemed to have accepted the terms of the benefits programs and the University's right to modify, amend or terminate them.